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Confidence in Communication

The communication of people's dreams, experiences, feelings, and thoughts is achieved through communication. All people living in the society, whether they are aware of it or not, are in contact. In situations where communication does not occur, a person feels empty and lives as if he is in great loneliness. Miscommunication is the main factor underlying many problems. One of the most essential elements of effective and healthy communication is to create a sense of 'trust' in people. For this, the person must first trust 'himself.' The feeling of trust in people begins in childhood. Its basis is associated with the situations that arise with the parents' attitudes and attitudes. Mental problems occur in people who are introverted, hesitant to communicate, or have difficulty.

What Should You Pay Attention in your interpersonal communication?

To develop your communication skills and communication skills, you must first communicate with yourself, that is, your "self-personal communication." Self-confidence and motivation are the basis of communication with yourself.

- Get to know yourself, don't be afraid to explore.

- Do not try to justify yourself.

- Make peace with yourself.

- Be fair and balanced with yourself.

- Believe that you will create changes in yourself.

- Be as neutral and objective as possible. When you fail, don't give up immediately.

- Protect your inner hope and positive thinking.

Why is Self-Confidence Important in Communication?

Each individual can establish healthy communication to the extent that they can accurately and clearly describe and express their own emotions, expectations, and needs. Self-confidence; means knowing ourselves well, believing in ourselves that we can realize our talents and desires. Therefore, those who are highly self-confident in society can communicate much better than introverted and have self-confidence problems. This has many positive effects not only in civil life but also in business and private life.

A person with high self-confidence knows himself well. Describes his feelings, thoughts, and desires correctly. It has high motivation. It enjoys life and is positive.

What Should You Do to Keep Your Self-Confidence High?

Although people with a lack of self-confidence cannot clearly define their feelings, thoughts, and desires, they also clearly convey them to the other party. If you think you are too weak to trust yourself, you can get help from a coach. Remember, you are not alone.

- Love yourself; everything starts with loving.

- Trust and believe in yourself.

- Be an active participant in your life; Think strategically. Take action with your power.

- Be realistic; Focus on doing your best instead of comparing yourself to other people.

- Avoid negative thoughts; this will not help anyone.

- Focus on your achievements; appreciate or even reward yourself frequently.

- Be the right audience and listener.

- Observe your environment, the person, and people you are in contact with well.

- Be aware of your strength; Don't be passive.

- Meditate; It is suitable for both your body and your soul.

- Believe you can achieve it and continue.

- Take charge of your responsibilities.

When you realize these principles, you will have the ability to communicate successfully with the self-confidence and motivation you create in your communication as individuals who know yourself. At the same time, you will make objective evaluations as an individual who knows yourself better in communication processes.

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